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100 Actions for Equality cards


To solve inequality, we need to make it the way leaders lead, employees behave and workplaces work. Becoming aware of inequality and understanding how this creates challenges for all employees engages everyone to take action. We enable all leaders and employees to put equality into practice, through our 100 Actions for Equality Cards, which detail 100 ways you can take action to advance equality at work and at home.

You can use these cards at work to start a conversation about how to take action to build a workplace that works for everyone. The goal for every organisation is to get as many employees as possible to take action every day to advance a culture of equality. Transforming the behaviours, norms, and cultures in a team begins with ensuring employees are paying attention to the inequality moments that happen and taking action to manage them. As employees take action, they will begin to understand how making workplaces more inclusive and equal serves to benefit them. This is equality in action.