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Inclusive Leader Development

To solve inequality, leaders need to understand how it is experienced in their team, department, and organisation. This includes understanding how these experiences are created from systemic barriers that exist in the organisational culture.

At The Culture Practice we have a range of development programs for leaders to build a foundational knowledge of inequality for every leader.

The NextGen Equality Leaders Program is a transformative virtual development program that enables and empowers the next generation of leaders to understand how inequality works at work and what they can do to build cultures of equality at work. The goal is to enable them to become the next generation of change makers, and use their capabilities to advance equality and thrive in workplaces today and tomorrow. The program is delivered in three modules to young men and women entering the workforce who want to develop the skills needed to become future leaders within their workplace.

Our Emerging Inclusive Leadership Program ensures that people managers, with around 5 to 10 years of professional experience, have what they need to succeed as an inclusive leader in senior or general management roles by developing the skills required to lead themselves and others in a way that harnesses the benefits of a diverse workforce. Through this program, leaders are provided with the diversity acumen, inclusive leadership skills, and equality mindset to navigate today’s global challenges and excel in tomorrow’s uncertain business world. This program enables leaders to bring diverse individuals together to create, innovate and deliver value to their organisation. The aim of the Emerging Inclusive Leadership Program is to enable leaders to motivate and engage teams with a high degree of diversity on all parameters, i.e. gender, ethnicity, age, profession, and cultural backgrounds. They will learn to connect with diverse customers, welcome and celebrate a diverse spectrum of ideas and solutions –  and enable different individuals in the teams to reach their full potential.

Our Conscious Decision Making™ program is a three part development program that provides human resource professionals and managers with the tools, resources and capabilities needed to address inequality within their workplace. Building an inclusive work environment requires acknowledging how inequality is embedded in the policies and processes within an organisation as well as the daily behaviour we engage in. Our Conscious Decision Making™ program is a three part development program that provides human resource professionals and managers with the tools, resources and capabilities needed to address inequality within their workplace. The goal is to provide participants with the knowledge and skills to remove inequality throughout the employee lifecycle – from recruitment, onboarding, development, succession planning, promotion, reward, retention and separation policies, processes and practices.

We have designed our Managing for Equity and Equality development series to empower all people leaders to develop their inclusive management skills and make a genuine impact on their team and organisational culture, when it comes to advancing inclusion. The Managing for Equality development series, is a three-part interactive learning series that incorporates lectures, discussion, experiential learning, and educational activities designed to make leaders aware of how bias, inequality, and privilege negatively impact their decision-making and what they can do to build inclusive cultures. A fun, engaging and thoughtful approach underpins the Managing for Equality program. We focus on behaviour change and our learning series is packed with tips, techniques and practical take-aways. Our focus is on developing training that is hard wired to your organisation’s purpose, values and frameworks.

Workplaces were never designed for difference. Women face numerous invisible barriers throughout their careers and key to overcoming these obstacles is to know what they are.

The Women in Leadership Series (WLS) is a transformative virtual development program for all women that outlines how women’s careers are different from men’s and what women can do to navigate the invisible barriers they encounter throughout working life and redefine what it means to lead in workplaces today and tomorrow. The Women in Leadership Series sheds light on the specific challenges women encounter throughout their careers, and how women can overcome the invisible barriers to their success at work, and lead on their own terms. The program includes a series of  transformative interactive workshops, which will enable all women to discover how women can redefine leadership on their own terms, and leverage their skills sets to thrive in the future of work.

Leading for The Future (LTF) workshop series is a three-part interactive, immersive virtual development program that enables leaders to enhance their awareness, understanding and ability to create cultures of equality and lead in an inclusive way. The program provides long-term value by creating transformational leaders who will become role models of inclusivity, who will live the organisational values, and will empower their teams to practice inclusion in all that they do. The LTF program will provide a safe environment for leaders to examine their own privilege, prejudice, and limitations when it comes to leading inclusively. The LTF incorporates lectures, discussion, experiential learning, and educational activities designed to build core leadership inclusion capabilities. The program develops inclusive leadership from the “inside-out”, starting with building leaders’ self-awareness of inequality, then extending their understanding of how inequality creates challenges to men and women’s advancement in the organisation. With this deep awareness and understanding, leaders are then provided with the tools, resources, case studies and practical solutions to know how to take action within their teams to build a culture of equality.

Why The Culture Practice?

We measure DEI

The starting point for working together is for us to better understand how DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is being practised within your organisation. Through our Leadership Equality Index™ and Culture Equality Index™, we measure employees’ experiences of inequality when it comes to policies, processes, practices and personal beliefs. This provides a baseline of your inclusive workplace culture, which helps to establish the business case for why change is needed.

We have the DEI solutions that work

Once we have the baseline, our goal is to develop customised programs to address the specific needs your organisation has. Our goal is to ensure any program is owned and led by your organisation. Drawing on our substantive experience we will work with your diversity and inclusion team to customise and create the educational content to meet the needs of your employees.

We create measurement tools and programs your company can own and deliver

We create programs designed for every organisation. We partner through train-the-trainer programs to deliver these learning solutions on a global scale both in person and virtually. As part of the program development, we will create resources, toolkits, exercises, and workbooks that organisations can continually use as well as provide access to our online learning platform, which includes audio, video and written content that employees can access to continue their learning journey.

We build your DEI capability

Our aim with any initiative is to ensure sustainable change - as such, we provide train-the-trainer sessions for leaders, human resource teams and diversity and inclusion teams within your organisation. This will ensure that your subject matter experts are equipped to deliver ongoing impact.

We are your long-term partner

We provide a range of options to ensure every workplace regardless of size has access to ongoing DEI support, coaching, feedback and development. We provide leaders and human resource and diversity and inclusion teams with the inclusion coaching they need to transform their organisational culture.

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