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Inclusion for Business Operations

A crucial part of our mission at The Culture Practice is to mainstream inclusion within existing business operations so it becomes a fundamental way of working. Our Inclusive by Design™ offering meets the challenge organisations face to integrate diversity and inclusion into everyday operations successfully.

We work with organisations to review their core processes and identify operationally-relevant ways to adopt diverse and inclusive interventions within their business operations to ensure their products and services meet the diverse needs of customers.

Inclusive by Design™

Our Inclusive By Design™ approach is a structured methodology, drawing on business improvement principles derived from Lean and Six Sigma which define, measure, analyse and improve the integration of inclusion and diversity within existing business processes and operations. We collaborate with organisations to perform rigorous diagnostics on core business practices and processes—both internal and external—to identify where the inclusion gaps exist.

Actionable insights are developed from the review, which improve performance by optimising diversity and inclusion practices within existing business processes. We also work with organisations to implement interventions that will mainstream inclusion as a business practice, through education coaching and collaborative sessions.

Corporate Social Responsibility and DEI Integration

Equality and equity will be achieved when it becomes the way workplaces work. To achieve this we need businesses to integrate inclusion across all areas of business, which requires an integration of external and internal DEI initiatives. We work with the Corporate Social Responsibility and DEI teams to integrate internal and external activity to ensure current approaches to DEI are advancing equality for employees and the broader community that organisations operate within.

We work with your communication and creative teams to review messaging and market positioning to ensure your company is accounting for and valuing differences in all internal and external communications. Whether it is the development of a content strategy, campaign or product we can ensure your business has identified the diverse needs of your end users.

Why The Culture Practice?

We measure DEI

The starting point for working together is for us to better understand how DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is being practised within your organisation. Through our Leadership Equality Index™ and Culture Equality Index™, we measure employees’ experiences of inequality when it comes to policies, processes, practices and personal beliefs. This provides a baseline of your inclusive workplace culture, which helps to establish the business case for why change is needed.

We have the DEI solutions that work

Once we have the baseline, our goal is to develop customised programs to address the specific needs your organisation has. Our goal is to ensure any program is owned and led by your organisation. Drawing on our substantive experience we will work with your diversity and inclusion team to customise and create the educational content to meet the needs of your employees.

We create measurement tools and programs your company can own and deliver

We create programs designed for every organisation. We partner through train-the-trainer programs to deliver these learning solutions on a global scale both in person and virtually. As part of the program development, we will create resources, toolkits, exercises, and workbooks that organisations can continually use as well as provide access to our online learning platform, which includes audio, video and written content that employees can access to continue their learning journey.

We build your DEI capability

Our aim with any initiative is to ensure sustainable change - as such, we provide train-the-trainer sessions for leaders, human resource teams and diversity and inclusion teams within your organisation. This will ensure that your subject matter experts are equipped to deliver ongoing impact.

We are your long-term partner

We provide a range of options to ensure every workplace regardless of size has access to ongoing DEI support, coaching, feedback and development. We provide leaders and human resource and diversity and inclusion teams with the inclusion coaching they need to transform their organisational culture.

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