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DEI Strategy Development

Companies are spending more than ever on diversity and inclusion initiatives, but they’re still failing to create environments that value difference.

Approximately one in four employees dreads going to work because they do not feel safe, respected, or valued.

Inequality creates exclusion and isolation, detrimentally impacting innovation, productivity, engagement, and retention.

At The Culture Practice we have a range of DEI strategy solutions to support your business with building a transformative approach to DEI that meets the needs of your organisation and results in a culture that truly values difference.

Promoting and supporting diversity in the workplace is an important aspect of good people management – it’s about valuing everyone in the organisation as an individual. However, to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce it’s vital to have an inclusive environment where everyone feels able to participate and achieve their potential. We partner with our clients to accelerate equality and develop their diversity and inclusion strategy, from communication and training to addressing workplace behaviour and evaluating progress.

Communication is essential at every stage of the DEI strategy implementation process. We build bespoke Why for DEI programs and toolkits, to convey the DEI Value Proposition and more importantly enable every employee to understand why more equal workplaces serve to benefit them. At The Culture Practice our media team can support your organisation by developing a range of communication toolkits and resources to bring your strategy to life.

Current diversity and inclusion initiatives, like diversity recruitment targets, maternity policies, flexible workplace practices, mentoring programs and unconscious bias training, are limited to addressing policies and processes, but they ignore the practices – that is the behaviours and norms that create the lived experience of inequality. Through our interactive workshops we help leaders discover how to create a values-based culture–that is an environment where every employee feels like they can be themselves at work and will be valued for this. Through this workshop leaders will discover how to ensure all employees can use their unique talents, capabilities, skill sets, identities, and perspectives to thrive at work.

We can support Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) with developing a strategy and implementation plan to meet the specific needs of their organisation. Discover how to maximize the effectiveness of your employee resource group efforts, including how to utilise collaboration among ERGs, gain executive support, and learn strategies to create ERGs that are thriving and self-sufficient.


“Partnering with The Culture Practice has been and still is transformational for us, as an organisation, as teams and as individuals. Trying to create a cultural and behavioural change is a huge challenge, one could even say overwhelming. But working with Michelle and her wonderful team, we have found the right journey for us.”

Michal Zeevi, Global Director, Strategic Initiatives, DesignIt

Why The Culture Practice?

We measure DEI

The starting point for working together is for us to better understand how DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) is being practised within your organisation. Through our Leadership Equality Index™ and Culture Equality Index™, we measure employees’ experiences of inequality when it comes to policies, processes, practices and personal beliefs. This provides a baseline of your inclusive workplace culture, which helps to establish the business case for why change is needed.

We have the DEI solutions that work

Once we have the baseline, our goal is to develop customised programs to address the specific needs your organisation has. Our goal is to ensure any program is owned and led by your organisation. Drawing on our substantive experience we will work with your diversity and inclusion team to customise and create the educational content to meet the needs of your employees.

We create measurement tools and programs your company can own and deliver

We create programs designed for every organisation. We partner through train-the-trainer programs to deliver these learning solutions on a global scale both in person and virtually. As part of the program development, we will create resources, toolkits, exercises, and workbooks that organisations can continually use as well as provide access to our online learning platform, which includes audio, video and written content that employees can access to continue their learning journey.

We build your DEI capability

Our aim with any initiative is to ensure sustainable change - as such, we provide train-the-trainer sessions for leaders, human resource teams and diversity and inclusion teams within your organisation. This will ensure that your subject matter experts are equipped to deliver ongoing impact.

We are your long-term partner

We provide a range of options to ensure every workplace regardless of size has access to ongoing DEI support, coaching, feedback and development. We provide leaders and human resource and diversity and inclusion teams with the inclusion coaching they need to transform their organisational culture.

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