NextGen Equality Leadership

The NextGen Equality Leadership Program is a transformative virtual development program that enables and empowers the next generation of leaders to understand how inequality works at work and what they can do to build cultures of equality at work.

The goal is to enable them to become the next generation of change makers, and use their capabilities to advance equality and thrive in workplaces today and tomorrow. The program is delivered in three modules to participants who are entering the workforce who want to develop the skills needed to become future leaders within their workplace.

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Have aspirations to reach a senior leadership position in a company / organisation

Each session can be delivered in person or virtually with up to 50 participants and includes 1.5 hours of an online workshop and 30 minutes of preparatory materials. The program incorporates lectures, discussion, experiential learning, and educational activities designed to build core inclusion capabilities.

Our program includes three interactive sessions to enable participants to put equality into practice, including videos, research, case studies and a library of scenarios.

1This workshop will disrupt denial by encouraging participants to examine their individual beliefs and understanding of how privilege creates inequality at work. In this session participants will discover:

  • How men and women’s career paths differ.
  • The three phases of a women’s career and why this differs from men’s.
  • How inequality and privilege function in organisations.
  • How to apply intersectional thinking at work to understand difference.
  • Why the next generation needs to be intentional about how they lead.
  • What individual strengths and values they have as leaders.

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2This workshop will provide individuals with an understanding of how inequality creates specific barriers to their fulfilment and women’s advancement at work and their role in removing these barriers. In this session participants will discover:

  • Why inequality needs to become personal if we are ever to solve it.
  • What are the six most common barriers women face early on in their careers, and how this differs for all women.
  • What the six systemic barriers to men’s fulfilment at work are and how participants may have encountered these barriers in organisations.
  • How we can navigate these challenges at work and manage the inequality moments as they happen. This includes managing informal interactions, which create inequality and using these experiences and opportunities for employees to learn.
  • How men and women can play an active role in removing the barriers at work and why this serves to benefit them.

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3In this session men will identify why they need to make a personal commitment to advancing equality at work, and what this really means in terms of everyday actions they can take. This workshop provides men with an opportunity to redefine their role as leaders and success partners to women. In this session participants will discover:

  • What their individual values are and how to move the organisational culture from a prototype culture to value-based culture.
  • What practising inclusion looks like (the five practices).
  • Why tackling inequality is a journey, which requires continual learning through support, collaboration, and opportunities to take action.
  • How men can redefine leadership in organisations, shifting from prototype-based leadership to values-based leadership.

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“The workshop made me realise how little universities and educational institutions prepare us for transitions into the workplace. It is very important to be aware of the possible challenges we might encounter so we are better prepared to face them.”

NextGen Equality Leader Participant

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Of participants believe their gender will affect their opportunities for advancement, networking and mentoring

Additional program elements

There are optional program elements in addition to the three NextGen Equality Leadership Program modules. These additional elements can be included depending on participants needs, including:

NextGen Equality Leadership Readiness Self-Assessment

Participants who attend the session can also be given the opportunity to complete the NextGen Equality Leadership Readiness Self-Assessment and score themselves on the five key dimensions of leadership, which are critical to the future world of work. The assessment findings can be used to inform individual development plans.

Inclusive Leadership Speaker Series

For the last module, there is an additional option to include existing leaders within organisations in the session and provide participants with an opportunity to meet, connect and ask leaders questions about their careers and lessons learnt.

NextGen Equality Leadership Mentoring Program

Following the program, participants who are currently working will be matched with a mentor. Over the six-week coaching program, participants will engage in a total of six one-hour coaching sessions focused on leadership, development, and career advancement with women leaders in the industry.

Reverse Mentoring

Graduates of the NextGen Equality Leadership Program will be able to volunteer their time to reverse mentor leaders in corporations to help develop their ability to understand how to lead the next generation and build workplaces that work for everyone.

Career Bootcamps

Graduates of the NextGen Equality Leadership Program will be able to participate in a range of pop-up career development bootcamps where partnering organisations will share information on their organisation and possible career paths. These boot camps will provide participants with an opportunity to meet leaders in the industry and develop their job application skills.

Partnership opportunities

Partnerships play a key role in The Culture Practices efforts. By collaborating with extraordinary partners – including foundations, non-profit organisations and corporations – we are working to create a better working world for the next generation.

The NextGen Equality Leadership Program is created and run by The Culture Practice. To ensure accessibility to young people (regardless of their economic status), the program is provided free of charge to participants. However, participants are required to submit a detailed application to determine their suitability for the program. Currently we are seeking new partners and investors to help develop a foundation of sustainability through their continued support of the program. 

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