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DEI eLearning Solutions

DEI eLearning Solutions

At The Culture Practice, all of our content is available as short digital learning courses and compatible with most LMS platforms

These options provide cost-effective solutions to scaling our programs across your organisation. We enable your employees to learn at their own pace, with interactive digital content that combines our substantive research, stimulating activities and curated learning resources to maximise engagement.

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DEI content for your
Learning Management System

All of our DEI training content is available in video and digital format, compatible with most LMS platforms. Companies can purchase specific learning programs or we can create DEI programs for LMS systems.

Partnership with Udemy

Udemy is the world’s largest education site and a leading destination for online courses that empower you to grow professionally and personally. 

The Culture Practice and Udemy have partnered to help bring our expertise and industry-leading DEI content on demand anytime, anywhere. Our courses are designed to help you scale flexible DEI learning to all employees.

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Learning Resources

DEI Micro-Learning Toolkit

We have created a digital toolkit to facilitate employees’ DEI fluency with easily accessible, compelling, and practical microlearning content. The resources are designed to support a range of learning preferences and inspire individuals and teams alike to apply a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable approach to their workplace. As employees explore the topics, they will begin to understand how making workplaces more inclusive and equal serves to benefit them.

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