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Four ways to avoid ‘woke-washing’ and get real about equity in your workplace

In the world of business, there is a myriad of organisations that have linked their products or services to social justice. Remember when Pepsi had to pull that advert with Kendall Jenner? When Co-op launched a gender-neutral gingerbread biscuit person? Or when Burger King faced backlash for linking their #FeelYourWay campaign to mental health? Such examples highlight that brands have appropriated social activism by using progressive values as a marketing ploy to communicate what they stand for. However, people working for these companies may have a very different lived experience of the brand.  Therefore these attempts to connect with consumers backfire and the reputational and financial costs for organisations can be high. Erin Dowell and Marlette Jackson share 4 ways to avoid ‘woke-washing’ your company and get real about equality. Go beyond the public declarations of your commitment to equality, and take action… … by evaluating and changing your internal

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