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We bring together research, experience, proven strategies, and solutions to create cultures of equality so that every employee feels valued and that they can be themselves at work. We have leadership, culture and people assessment tools, development programs, inclusion coaching to support any organisation with building a workplace culture that values difference. We also offer a range of equality strategy development workshops for diversity and inclusion practitioners and train the trainer sessions.

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Companies are spending more than ever on diversity and inclusion initiatives, but they’re still failing to create environments that value difference.

Approximately one in four employees dreads going to work because they do not feel safe, respected, or valued. Inequality creates exclusion and isolation detrimentally impacting innovation, productivity, engagement, and retention.

At The Culture Practice we have a range of DEI strategy solutions to support your business with building a transformative approach to DEI that meets the needs of your organisation and results in a culture that truly values difference

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“We’re now in a period of change and challenge within our workplace and organisation. The professional team at The Culture Practice have helped us tremendously in creating our Women’s Network strategy and sharpening our focus on the right activities to ultimately achieve a positive cultural transformation towards gender equality at work.”

Women’s Network, Wintershall Dea

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